Don't Have a Lot of Time on Your Hands?

Install low-maintenance vinyl fencing in Orlando, FL

With its rustic, natural appearance, it's no surprise that wood is a popular fencing material. However, wood fencing needs to be cleaned and treated periodically to prevent rot. If you want an option that looks great but doesn't add to your to-do list, choose vinyl fencing. Vinyl is a durable material that will last for decades with next to no maintenance. Florida Fence Wholesale Is a local fencing company that keeps several different vinyl colors and designs in stock.

Check out our large fence supply selection to find a material that will complement your home. Need help installing your fence? We can take care of that too. Call us today!

3 good reasons to use vinyl

3 good reasons to use vinyl

A fence will become a primary feature of your home for decades to come. Make sure you choose the best material available.

Vinyl fencing is a popular choice because...

  1. Unlike wood and metal options, vinyl is naturally resistant to moisture and won't rot or rust.
  2. Vinyl contains titanium dioxide, which helps block ultraviolet rays to preserve its color.
  3. Cleaning is easy-just hand-wash your fence with soap and water to remove dirt buildup.

Florida Fence Wholesale has a large vinyl fence supply. We'll help you find a style and design that will complement the look of your property. We can also recommend skilled contractors if you need help installing your fence.

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